Moravian heritage traces to Jan Hus, a Roman Catholic priest and rector of the University of Prague in the early 1400s. He advocated these four reforms 100+ years before Martin Luther, and in doing so, was burned at the stake:

  • Worship in the language of the people (instead of Latin) so all could hear and understand the word of God.

  • Scripture is the norm for faith and practice.

  • In Communion, the wine should be given to all, instead of only priests, which had created a class distinction within the church.

  • Clergy needed to actually live the gospel, not just tell others to do so.

Moravians promoted equal education for women and were the first to include pictures in books so children could learn and engage at early ages. In missions, Moravians went where no others would go, believed in living with the people they served, and that their lives and actions, not words, bore witness to their faith.

  • We are the inheritors and beneficiaries of these progressive, enlightened, and courageous followers of Christ.